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Terms & Conditions

Full Payments, Deposits and Final Balances

A non refundable deposit payment of 25% must be paid for bookings to confirm the booking, the remainder being due 30 days before start of your booking. If your booking is within 30 days of arrival then full payment must be paid upon booking. In the event of non-payment of this balance, we reserve the right to cancel the holiday and no refund will be given.

All balances must be settled 30 days before arrival, or paid in full as per above terms and conditions.

We are a Low Noise Policy site, so everyone can have a peaceful holiday.


Cancellation Policy

If you are forced to cancel, please contact us immediately in writing by email at We reserve the right to keep any monies paid as a cancellation fee. 

You are advised to take out Holiday Cancellation Insurance to cover this eventuality.

No shows will be treated the same as a cancellation, we reserve the right to keep any monies paid as a cancellation fee.

In the event of a cancellation by us, our liability shall be limited to the return in full the monies paid.

Please note: Home Sweet Holiday Homes Ltd reserves the right to add or remove Special Offers for any of it’s holiday accommodation at short notice and at any time.

Special Offer prices/tariffs do not apply to existing bookings that were taken at an earlier date when the regular tariff still applied.

We are sorry, but we are unable to alter or move existing bookings to Special Offer dates, tariffs or prices.

All Special Offers are subject to availability and our Full Terms, Conditions and Restrictions apply. 



The property shall not exceed the number of persons on the reservation form filled in at the time of booking. Only the families/persons quoted when booking are allowed to stay at the property. No third parties are allowed to stay at the property and holidays booked are not transferable. 


As the owner of the property, we reserve the right to gain access at any reasonable time during occupancy. As owners we shall not be responsible for the death or personal injury to a holidaymaker or loss, damage or accident to personal property.

The Proprietor or their representatives shall be allowed access at any reasonable time during occupancy for the purpose of emergency maintenance or repair or any other need.

In the event of misbehaviour or other necessary causes, the owner reserves the right to terminate the let without any refund of monies.



One fully housetrained dog per property are welcome on the understanding that they are not left on their own in the property at any time, that they are not allowed into the bedroom and that owners act responsibly and 'clean up' where necessary on walks around the property grounds. Dogs are not allowed to be showered in the bathroom or our guests towels to be used. 

If we need to do any extra cleaning/laundering/cleaning of carpets and upholstery after guests have departed, we will make a charge.

Condition of Property(s) and Breakages

Guests are responsible for the condition of the property and the furniture and fittings therein. Whilst accepting that the property is cleaned between 'lets', the guest shall leave the property in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found. In the event of the property(s) being left in an unsatisfactory state, then a charge will be made on top of the tariff to cover costs including cleaning, laundry and other costs incurred.

We ask that any breakages or faulty equipment be reported so that we may replace them. In the case of breakages, a replacement charge will be made.

Where you have special requirements, such as extra linen, please specify upon booking and we shall endeavour to do our upmost to fulfil your needs. We may have to make a small charge.

Arrival and Departure

Visitors should arrive after 3pm and vacate the apartment by 10am on day of departure. Please note the latest arrival time is 10pm.


Please advise us if you are expecting guests visiting you. It is important that their car registration number is advised to us.

Our aim is to make your stay a happy and memorable one. If there is anything we can do to make your holiday more relaxed or enjoyable please let us know.


The Hot Tub

Our all year Hot Tub is available to hire at Windy Bank Hall subject to availability and this is charged extra to accommodation only prices unless stated otherwise.

  • Prices vary by number of guests & length of stay so please get in touch for full pricing and availability.

  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn and hot tub safety guide rules complied with at all times.


Hot Tub Rules

Please read the guidelines for safe use of the hot tub during your stay.


  • Please do NOT smoke whilst using the hot tub

  • Please Shower/ bathe before use to remove oils cremes makeup etc, DO NOT USE if using fake tan products as this clogs the filter & jets we will not allow guests to use if they have Fake TAN ! 

  • We recommend showering after hot tub use to remove any chlorine residue which may cause irritation if left on the skin.  We recommend guests wear flip flops or similar non slip shoes around the hot tub deck area.  Swimwear must be worn. Guests must not use glass in or near the hot tub only use plastic cups provided !  

  • Any guests with a heart condition, high blood pressure, pregnant , elderly or infirm, recovering from or having any medical concerns should consult a doctor before using a hot tub, we advise anyone who is pregnant to not use a hot tub. Do not use a hot tub if feeling unwell or by anyone with any stomach, sickness or diarrhoea issues. Anyone suffering from  incontinence must not use the hot tub at any time. 

  • Children must not use the hot tub unsupervised and children under 12 should only use at a lower temperature, babies and toddlers are not advised to use the hot tub. 

  • General guidelines recommend that hot tub use is limited to 15-30 mins per session you must keep your head above water at all times, and that you should stay hydrated throughout, alcohol consumption is not recommended before or during hot tub use.                                                                        


Hot Tub Operating Instructions

  • There are 4 safety clips on the hot tub each of these must be un clipped, 2 on the near side and 2 on the opposite far side, squeeze sides together to unlock. 

  • The hot tub lid is in 2 sections this should be folded in half by 2 adults before removing, folded from far side to near side. 

  • Hot tub lid MUST be safely placed on the gravel terrace leant on the side of the wall on the left NOT on the side open to the fields on the right ! 

  • The chlorine float should be removed during use, and replaced in the hot tub after use.

  • Please use the steps provided to enter and exit the hot tub. 

  • Press Jet button to operate bubbles, the cycle will then run.  IMPORTANT ! Please note do not touch temp buttons as this may switch mode and cause the hot tub to switch mode and therefore not heat!!!!, if you require the hot tub at a different temp to the set 40 degrees please let us know and we can set to the required temp (35 is recommended for  children under 12) please note the hot tub either heats or jets not both at the same time the jets will cause the temp to drop over time .  

  • After use The lid MUST be lifted back by min 2 adults and folded back into position to fully cover the hot tub, please clip all 4 locks securely with all sleeves pulled tightly around the sides to ensure the lid is fully secure and the temperature is maintained. 

  • Please note Hot Tub should not be used in high winds ! Please take extra care in Winter /colder months as surfaces inc steps and paths may become slippery.  

  • Please note no refunds for adverse weather resulting in hot tub being unsafe to use, the weather is unfortunately completely out of our control

  • Enjoy the hot tub responsibly and safely at all times !

  • Last hot tub use during Autumn Winter  months is up to 9pm, 10pm in Spring/ Summer please note pets are not allowed in the hot tub please don’t allow them to climb up the stairs or up the sides of the hot tub.

COVID 19 Cancellation Policy

Cancellations due to COVID-19 (or variant of) that cannot legally go ahead will receive a credit voucher for the value paid to enable guests to rearrange their booking, vouchers will be valid for a minimum of 12 months and are valid at all properties and dates  (subject to availability).

Cancellations due to Government guidelines including Tiers will be checked against the home address used at the time of booking.

Cancellations due to positive COVID tests must be received by email with proof of a positive test showing that the quarantine period overlaps the arrival date.

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