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We welcome up to two well behaved, fully house-trained dogs to accompany you during your stay at our selected properties for Only £25 when booking direct for up to 2 dogs - we charge £30 per stay per dog when booking through a third party.

We respectfully ask for dogs not to be left unattended in the property unless crated and they are under control at all times within the grounds, public footpaths and gardens .


We have a secure 2 acre gated and fenced Doggy Paddock at Windy Bank Hall, Green Moor that’s perfect for dogs to enjoy safely with their owner(s).


We ask guests to bring everything your dog needs for their stay bowl, bed, blanket/throw towels etc.


There’s an outside bin for general rubbish and we ask guests to make sure they pick up and bag after their dogs have been outside.


Please note any damage caused by pets or their owners is subject to charges !

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